Grand Opening... short word from Me

Grand Opening... short word from Me

I went back and forth for what seems like forever about starting this business. After a week of really great business training, I decided if I kept thinking about it, it would never happen. SO here we are!

So frequently we as human are afraid to do the things we are really passionate about for fear of what others things. How others view us. But after a year like 2020, I believe it has given a lot of people to finally step out there and try. The worst thing that can happen is you fail. If you didnt know, failure is only permanent when you give up. If you decide to pick yourself up to try again, you're defeating failure, and fear and doubt. 

Starting a fashion line of any sort, obviously the biggest fear is being afraid that you wont sell anything. Which is kind of a big deal, but for me this line is so much more about selling a few shirts. It's a gateway for change. Although I don't know every single moving piece of how its all going to work....I just know that no matter what happens, I won't be giving up.  These first 2 weeks have shown me that I definitely have what it takes to make it. Annnd I'm a lot better at all this technology stuff than what I thought. I'm so excited for whats to come. Thank you for your support on this journey with me.

I will make a statement...I will be the change. 

Robyn B.